Roland's Rod Shop - For quality exact steel reproductions of '37, '38, '39, '40, '41, '42 Willys body parts.

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  • Restoring a 1937-1942 Willys Coupe?
  • Garnish moldings for the windows missing or just rusted?
  • Doors nothing but holes, rust, and, bondo?
  • Disappointed by plastic, fiberglass, amateur reproductions, or do-it-yourself reconstruction?
  • Wish you could get BRAND NEW steel parts exactly like factory originals?

Now you can get brand new Willys Coupe exact steel reproduction garnish moldings, doors, fenders, hoods, etc. -- 100% factory-original in quality and design to the smallest detail -- custom manufactured in the U.S. by Roland's Rod Shop using our own specially developed dies and manufacturing techniques!  We think you'll say they're better than the ones by Willys!  Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

Superior construction in steel with recessed mounting holes for immediate installation. Garnish moldings also available in chrome.  Order complete sets or individual parts.

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