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Mark Andermahr Willys Rebuild - back to Shop Builds

Car rescued from Mexico.  She had been rolled causing damage to much of the body, especially the top and rear.  Some body rot.  Took her to American Metal Cleaning to have body dipped for electro process to take it down to bare metal.  To preserve the skin, no acid was used.  Had frame sand blasted.

before pics

After dip

removed fender well to repair damage to upper quarter panel

removed door jambs for repair to roof & to door jambs

returning shape of roof to original


removed rear package tray & rear window frames, rear window surround needed replacing

door jamb repair on right side

tailpan before repair

repaired rear window

repaired rear window surround

trunk floor ext.

original trunk from another car for sizing

newly leaded seam

repairing bottom of trunk

new trunk skin

repaired inner structure

making provision for new hood latch & center section

prime body in PPG sealer

repaired fenders installed

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