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Willys Complete Steel Body New - back to Shop Builds

These photos are my progress on building a Willys Coupe in steel as of March 2010.

Me & Chip Foose

Portland Roadster Show 2010

New Body Mounts


Restored stock cowel

Assembly mock-up
with stock doors


Photographed with stock fenders and center section for assembly mock-up

Stock center section, new center coming.

more of center

Center section different view.

Center section.

New center section completed

roof panel

roof panel fitment

roof panel tacked in place

roof tacked panel

roof panel

finished roof panel

body profile

door fitment

door fitment

windshield panel

windshield panel

windshield panel installed

rear floorboard



floorboard & kick panels

complete floorboard

Troy Roland Thompson & Chip Foose

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